Determining Your Budget and Needs

  1. Understand the different costs associated with Executive Suites and Virtual Offices
  2. Virtual Offices are less costly, but lack in areas that Executive Suites offer
  3. Placement of the Office within building, Size of Office, and Location of building will all effect price
  4. We’ll help work within your budget and let you know what options are available for your needs

Executive Suite Options

  1. Virtual office is different from an actual suite in the sense that you are not leasing an office 100% of the time
  2. Generally, you receive a phone number, mailing address and mail service
  3. You can also get office or conference room time, usually set up in different packages
  4. Generally, you are not using the same office each time with a virtual office
  5. Getting an actual suite, you get the same that you would a virtual, but you get your own office and more conference room use

Executive Suite vs. A Direct Lease

  1. Executive suite offices are typically ready to move in
  2. Furniture and phone systems are usually already in place
  3. Gives shorter term such as month to month or 1 year as opposed to 3 or 5 years
  4. Direct deals have higher risk, typically higher cost at the smaller lever, and take much longer to get into the space

What is an Executive Suite?

  1. Executive suites gives your business an identity in your preferred market
  2. Quick solution versus traditional space, i.e. a direct deal with the landlord
  3. Provides use of many amenities and services without the higher cost
  4. Provides very flexible terms with option of shorter lease
  5. Typically has higher class finishes