Avoiding Atlanta Traffic

In past the couple of decades, Atlanta has really transformed into a strong city for national and international businesses as well as a beacon city for tourism. With this growth, came traffic that most Atlantan’s would say is an ever growing issue in our community. The problem is so prevalent that companies are joining in to play an active role in helping to reduce traffic jams. They have been encouraging carpooling, allowing employees to choose different work hours, and been allowing employees to work from home. None of these options have made a huge difference but they are great options to alleviate a good portion of cars on the road each day. The Clean Air Campaign along with other groups around Atlanta are also dedicated to finding new ways to make the commute to and from work smoother for all of us.

In the mean time, there may be a shorter term solution for you and your business. The right office location can make all the difference. Whether you desire to be closer to home, be in a location that allows you to go against the normal traffic patterns, or whatever it may be, we can help you find that perfect location. It’s not only about having a great office. The wrong location can create more stress than it is worth. We can help you find both the right location and the great office. In an ever growing city, traffic will continue to be a problem. Get ahead with the right office solution.

Image Credit:  AJC.com

Image Credit: AJC.com

Upcoming Tech That Can Help Your Business Grow

Entrepreneur Magazine’s Amy Gahran picked up on an interesting subject this week involving the evolution technology has undergone so quickly. Not too long ago, Apple was revolutionizing the way we did business with the iPhone and iPad. Now that other companies have mastered creating other similar styled phones and tablets, Entrepreneur Magazine as well as other news media sites are saying that Google Glass, FitBit, “Internet of things”, and foldable displays are going to change the way you do business.

Google is the first to deliberately attempt to disrupt mobile technology and go beyond a smart phone or tablet. The glasses are worn throughout the day in order to provide hands-free access to work related information and events. Right now the prices are pretty steep at around $1,500, yet Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO, has recently stated that in about a year the glasses will be more widely available.

Image Credit:  Google

Image Credit: Google

Another new technology changing the way business employee’s daily routines is the FitBit. Because health and wellness are big business, the FitBit has become huge ranging from $20 to hundreds of dollars. FitBit is a wireless way to track calorie burning throughout the day’s different activities, what the wearer is eating, and how much they are sleeping. It is a simple way to look back at your activities and see that small changes in your daily routine can add up to make huge differences.

Something else that is growing rapidly in the business world includes how almost any object you own now can connect to the internet. “Internet of Things” is a term to describe how wireless data can be attached to just about anything today from refrigerators to a pair of shoes. If you give these objects a specific address, they are capable of interacting with each other, your smart phone, and even upload themselves on the internet. This helps small businesses tremendously by tracking shipments and traffic by becoming more efficient and aware. Therefore, management is becoming a lot easier to navigate with these developed objects.

The last tool that is becoming popular in the business world is flexible displays. Flexible or foldable displays are self explanatory yet extremely valuable. It is as simple as folding up a piece of paper and putting it in your wallet. Stand alone devices and presentations are being developed that can connect to the internet so that traveling for purposes of display is much more efficient. This makes me think back to the big poster boards and projectors that most presentations are on today. Hopefully, in the near future, we can simply reach in our purse or pocket and unfold a device that projects and creates everything necessary to make our presentations the most effective.


Thinking of Partnering Up? Think Ahead

A Partnership can do a lot for a business. It can add the expertise or financial aid needed to take your business to the next level. However, not all Partnerships work. So what do you do when your partner isn’t pulling his/her weight? Sometimes there is nothing that can be done, but sometimes there is a way out. While Partnerships are typically formed between friends, or people that know each other, the relationship can change when it becomes a business one. Even when involving family, it is good to think ahead. Hiring an attorney to form the Partnership is the first vital step. Be sure and express your concerns to your attorney about what happens if the Partnership doesn’t work out. No matter how well you know someone, some situations bring out a new person entirely.

Check out this great article from the Atlanta Business Chronicle for more tips about Partnerships: Going Solo

Becoming a Leading Entrepreneur

So, what does it take to become a top entrepreneur among entrepreneur’s? That’s one for the judges to decide. With the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards right around the corner, there are 5 finalists gunning for the title. Each of the finalists represent a different sector of the business world: healthcare, technology, services, retail and consumer, and emerging business.

All five finalists have incredible backgrounds and business success. It is clear they are entrepreneur leaders who have substantially grown their companies beyond that of what some might consider a small business. People such as this show that the entrepreneurial dream still lives and just because you start small, doesn’t mean you can’t have a temendous impact. After all, some of the best ideas started on a napkin.

You can download the full article from the Atlanta Business Chronicle here: Entrepreneurial Spirit

If your small business is starting to grow and is in need of commercial space, contact us today for a commercial market report in your target area.

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Price for Small Businesses on the Rise

True, the economy isn’t what it used to be. There is uncertainty everywhere we turn. So what do we do? Keep on moving…at least that’s what the small business owners are doing. Forget the tough times, let’s get creative in our business, continue to take risks, and give it all we got.

That approach seems to be working. According to BizBuySell.com, the average sale prices for small businesses has increased by over $100,000 from where they were last year at an average price of $212,500 in the Atlanta area. We all know this great country of ours runs on the small businesses. For the ones that have continued through the tough times, worked harder, worked longer, and built something great, that work has paid off.

Take Pardot as an example: Pardot Sale to Bring Tech Jobs. This is the type of success story Atlantan’s love to hear about. This type of story is what our country was built on.

Uncertainty? Let’s put uncertainty in it’s place. For more on sales of small businesses, check out this great article from the Atlanta Business Chronicle: Sale Prices for Small Businesses is Surging

And if your small business needs office space, call us today and we will make sure your business is leveraged in the commercial real estate market effectively.

5 Steps to Drive Leads via Social Media from Optify

Here are 5 crucial steps in developing and executing plans effectively for social media marketing, brought to you by Optify:

Drive Leads from Social Media

Check out the entire article here: Optify – Social Media Marketing

Think Creative

Having a brain fart? It happens. Here is a great article from Entrepreneur.com to get your creative juices flowing!
“Boost Your Creativity”

It's All in the Name

While we hear: “location, location, location”, sometimes…it’s all in the name. Having the right name that ignites interest in your customers or clients can go a long way. A name can inspire, create thought, or encourage action from a consumer or client. Think of Apple as an example. When you hear “Apple” in the sense of the company, you may instantly think “creative” as a way to define them or “visionary”. And because of the brand of their name, location is not significant. I drove 45 minutes out of my way to buy a MacBook Air instead of driving 15 minutes to buy a PC because I have come to believe in the NAME!

We all know, you just can’t please everyone. And, on occassion, a consumer or client can have a bad connotation of a company, just because of the name they have come to know. If this is the case, a rebranding may be necessary. Personally, I know a company going through this right now who has transitioned ownership multiple times and has been around for years and years. They are in the process of changing their name to build a better image of things that have happened with previous owners.

Check out this article from the NY Times for more info about renaming your business: “If the Name Get’s in the Way, Change It”

Small Business Funding Alternatives

As a small business in this economy, finding the right funding can be difficult. Check out this article from the ABC for a few ideas: http://www.bizjournals.com/atlanta/print-edition/2012/09/07/funding-alternatives-can-grow-businesses.html

Perimeter CRE Market Report

Perimeter Market Report from the Atlanta Business Chronicle is out. Outlook is showing the Central Perimeter Market to be primed for growth. The area, known for it’s heavy medical presence, is gearing up to make a push towards bringing more businesses in the technology sector to the area. Being located along the GA400 corridor and I-285 intersection, Perimeter creates easy capabilities of getting around Atlanta efficiently. The problem: major traffic congestion (as almost every Atlantan knows) around this intersection. This problem has caused the business and government leaders in the area to really focus on the improvement of transportion in the area. As stated by Yvonne Williams, “Good business requires good transportation solutions.”

On the positive note, there is potential for multiple new building high rise projects around the area. As seen in other markets such as Buckhead, these potential projects are doubtful to be “spec office buildings” and instead may very well be multi-family and mixed used developments. All in all, Central Perimeter is still a good area to see growth, but if the transportation issues are not addressed, it may cause trouble for the Perimeter Market.

To learn more about the market and whether or not it works for your business, contact us today.