Partnership Spotlight: Lambert & Associates

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Some words from our partners at Lambert & Associates:

As a full service brokerage firm, we strive to continually add value to our clients, long after deals have been done. Our survival depends on the strong relationships we have built through the years with our most trusted clients and the relationships we hope to continue building with new clients. We earn the trust given to us using three methods in particular:

      1. Rent Reduction

      • Relocation is NOT always necessary
      • We can save you money without you leaving your current space
      • We provide a thorough Market and Building Comparison
      • We analyze comps on recent deals
      • We project expected rent at the time of lease end
      2. Control Operating Expenses

      • CAM, Taxes, Insurance are variable
      • Management Fees can be controlled
        • Maintenance Fees
        • Security Fees
        • Parking/Landscaping
      3. Space Utilization

      • Is the number of employees per SF efficient?
      • Is your company growing or downsizing?
      • What is/isn’t needed in the current space?
      • Does Department Flow work? How can it be better?

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Partnership Spotlight: Mammoth Ideas

First thing that I ask when talking to someone about their site is, what do you want the site to accomplish for you? There are so many different reasons for a company website, but understanding your needs and goals is the fastest way to accomplish them.

Some companies just need a validator: a place where potential customers can go and make sure they are legit. Other companies need to sell products, and even more need to be the thought leaders in their specific industry. Once you determine your goals, it will be easier to create a website that will keep the process on track and on budget

Here are some questions that that will help get the most out of your future website:

1. Who do you want to visit your website, and how often?

2. What do you want these visitors to do? (make a purchase, fill out a form, subscribe to a newsletter, etc.)

3. Who is your direct competition, and what makes you better?

4. Do you currently do any social media like Facebook or twitter?

4a. If not, do you or someone on your team have time to dedicate to it?

5. Do you have an existing customer base that can be reached through email?

5a. If so, are you reaching out to them on a monthly basis?

Can you or someone on your team write short articles monthly to be posted in a news section? (Search Engine Optimization is very important, and having fresh relevant content is one of the fastest ways to get you closer to the top)

Once you’ve answered those questions you should be well on your way to having a website that will achieve your goals.

Brian Colin
Mammoth Ideas, Inc.

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