Entrepreneur Magazine’s Amy Gahran picked up on an interesting subject this week involving the evolution technology has undergone so quickly. Not too long ago, Apple was revolutionizing the way we did business with the iPhone and iPad. Now that other companies have mastered creating other similar styled phones and tablets, Entrepreneur Magazine as well as other news media sites are saying that Google Glass, FitBit, “Internet of things”, and foldable displays are going to change the way you do business.

Google is the first to deliberately attempt to disrupt mobile technology and go beyond a smart phone or tablet. The glasses are worn throughout the day in order to provide hands-free access to work related information and events. Right now the prices are pretty steep at around $1,500, yet Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO, has recently stated that in about a year the glasses will be more widely available.

Image Credit:  Google

Image Credit: Google

Another new technology changing the way business employee’s daily routines is the FitBit. Because health and wellness are big business, the FitBit has become huge ranging from $20 to hundreds of dollars. FitBit is a wireless way to track calorie burning throughout the day’s different activities, what the wearer is eating, and how much they are sleeping. It is a simple way to look back at your activities and see that small changes in your daily routine can add up to make huge differences.

Something else that is growing rapidly in the business world includes how almost any object you own now can connect to the internet. “Internet of Things” is a term to describe how wireless data can be attached to just about anything today from refrigerators to a pair of shoes. If you give these objects a specific address, they are capable of interacting with each other, your smart phone, and even upload themselves on the internet. This helps small businesses tremendously by tracking shipments and traffic by becoming more efficient and aware. Therefore, management is becoming a lot easier to navigate with these developed objects.

The last tool that is becoming popular in the business world is flexible displays. Flexible or foldable displays are self explanatory yet extremely valuable. It is as simple as folding up a piece of paper and putting it in your wallet. Stand alone devices and presentations are being developed that can connect to the internet so that traveling for purposes of display is much more efficient. This makes me think back to the big poster boards and projectors that most presentations are on today. Hopefully, in the near future, we can simply reach in our purse or pocket and unfold a device that projects and creates everything necessary to make our presentations the most effective.


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