It's All in the Name

While we hear: “location, location, location”, sometimes…it’s all in the name. Having the right name that ignites interest in your customers or clients can go a long way. A name can inspire, create thought, or encourage action from a consumer or client. Think of Apple as an example. When you hear “Apple” in the sense of the company, you may instantly think “creative” as a way to define them or “visionary”. And because of the brand of their name, location is not significant. I drove 45 minutes out of my way to buy a MacBook Air instead of driving 15 minutes to buy a PC because I have come to believe in the NAME!

We all know, you just can’t please everyone. And, on occassion, a consumer or client can have a bad connotation of a company, just because of the name they have come to know. If this is the case, a rebranding may be necessary. Personally, I know a company going through this right now who has transitioned ownership multiple times and has been around for years and years. They are in the process of changing their name to build a better image of things that have happened with previous owners.

Check out this article from the NY Times for more info about renaming your business: “If the Name Get’s in the Way, Change It”

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